How to know if your property has been on the market for too long

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We all know that when your home sits on the market in Indian River County for too long, a couple of things happen. For one, buyers get skeptical of the property, wondering why it hasn't sold and why nobody is buying it. The second thing that happens is that those buyers that like the home and feel that it's a good fit will offer less on the property than they would have if it was initially priced more competitively to other homes in Indian River County. Here are three things we do for our clients when they realize that they need to make a price adjustment to their home.

1. We call all the agents who have previously shown the home
We do this to make sure that all the agents who have shown the home are aware that the price has changed so that they can let their buyers know.

2. We send out e-mail blasts to agents
Sending a mass email out to all the agents in the marketplace who could potentially have a buyer ensures that even if they have not payed attention to the property as of now, they are aware that the price on the home has changed.

3. We send out an e-mail blasts to buyers
We also send a mass email out to all the buyers who have already seen the home in person or saved it as a search on various different online real estate databases so those who were interested in your home previously are in the loop as well.

While you may think that making a price change doesn't matter much, the truth is it has a huge impact on the sale of your home. You can tell if your home is overpriced simply by whether or not you have been receiving offers and having a steady stream of showings. Those are very indicative as to whether you are competitive and where you need to be in the market today.

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