4 Reasons why now Is a Great Time to Think About Selling

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 We're excited about the state of the current market for many reasons, but today we want to talk about the many opportunities available to sellers. Most people who currently have their homes for sale are thinking about taking their home off the market for the next few months. Today, we want to share 4 reasons why this is not a good idea:
  1. Low inventory: Here in the Treasure Coast and Vero Beach, we're currently seeing the lowest level of homes for sale we've seen in quite a while. At our current pace, we'll sell homes for sale in less than 6 months - which is scary for agents, but great for sellers. Now is a great time to get top dollar for your home.
  2. Serious buyers: Who's buying homes now while everyone else is getting ready for Thanksgiving, out shopping for Christmas, or traveling? There will be fewer buyers coming through your home during this time of year, no doubt, but the buyers who do come through will be serious and prepared. They're the kind of buyers who have either sold their home and need a new one, or are relocating for work and need to find a new home before the new year. 
  3. Great agents: Only the most successful, busiest agents are working during this time of year. The majority of agents have quit until the new year. The ones who remain are the best negotiators, the ones who will make your real estate experience as smooth as possible. These are the agents you want to work with anyway, and they're available to serve you.
  4. Get ahead when buying your next home: If you're buying another home after selling your current one, you will have a leg up when the new year rolls around. When inventory skyrockets after January 1st, your home will already be sold and you will be ready to purchase your next one. With no contingencies to worry about, you'll be in a great position to get a great deal on your next home.
In short, don't worry about the holidays! We'll walk you through the selling process and help you take advantage of today's hot market. If you have any questions about your options, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!