Real Estate In Vero Beach This Winter

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Sellers often ask me, “How is the market right now for sellers?” Today, the market is extremely timely. Florida is currently “in season”. During this time of year, people from colder parts of the country shop for homes all over the state. We have beautiful weather all year long, even during the winter, which means our real estate market is always active.

Yes, this is a great time to sell if you're a Vero Beach homeowner, but there are a few factors that have been trending in recent months that you should keep in mind. In the past five months, we’ve experienced rising asking prices because the market has made a strong comeback since the recession. This doesn't necessarily mean that homes are selling for more; rather, sellers have been overly aggressive with the pricing of their homes. The result has been a sharp increase in the average days on market.

As an experienced professional of over twenty years, I advise now is an excellent time to sell if it's feasible for you and your family. However, you have to be careful about how you price your home in this market. You don't want to be one of those sellers who overprice their home and have to take price reduction after price reduction while your home sits on the market for a long period of time.

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