Why Is It So Important to Hire a Local Appraiser?

Today I want to discuss why, if you’re a buyer, you always want to hire an appraiser that lives and works in your area. 

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Today I’m joined by Shannon Pohl, a lender with Caliber Home Loans here in Vero Beach, to talk about how important it is to hire locally when it comes to appraisers. 

When you’re in a market that has appreciated as ours has over the last five years or so, issues can sometimes arise regarding appraisals. This is because an appraisal is looking back on closed sales, and sometimes the appraisal process has not yet caught up with the active listings currently going under contract. If you’re a buyer, you want to hire someone local to do your loan if you want a good chance at securing the home you’ve fallen in love with.
Local appraisers know your area far better than out-of-area ones do.
Shannon’s company has an appraisal panel to vet any appraisers they do business with to make sure they’re local. Local appraisers—the ones who live and work in your community—know the area and its nuances more accurately. An out-of-area appraiser could pull our 32967 area code and see neighborhoods like Vero Lago, Eagle Trace, Grand Harbor, and Vero Lake Estates, and not know that they’re all completely different from each other. This ignorance can easily screw up your appraisal. 

If you have any questions for Shannon, you can call her office phone at (772) 226-6300 or her cell at (772) 360-6030. You can also visit her on the web at www.caliberhomeloans.com

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