Information for Sellers

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How many offers are you getting on your typical house?

The amount of activity a home sees depends on how many other houses are on the market in that neighborhood. If a home is priced properly it is not uncommon to see bidding wars that push the selling price above the listed.

What does a seller need to know if they put their home on the market today?

We at the Kelly Fischer Team are going to give you an honest opinion on what we can price your home for. We want to help our sellers understand the market realistically and know what a reasonable asking price is. Our plan is to list your home at an aggressive but realistic price that will sell in less than 60 days.

Sellers also need to always have their home in showing condition. Sometimes that requires a new coat of paint or planting some flowers; everything we suggest is to help you get the best sale. It’s the motivated and cooperative sellers who get their homes sold fast and at great prices.