Why Isn’t my Vero Beach Home Selling?


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When you put your home on the market, you want it to sell fast. When it doesn’t, it can become very frustrating. The average amount of time a home sits on the market is 133 days. If a home has sat on the market for longer than that, sellers often ask why their property isn’t selling while others are. There are three things to consider when selling.

The first is price. How is your home priced compared to others in your neighborhood? If there are similar homes with a more fair and reasonable price, yours will remain on the market.

The second is the condition of the home. Even when inventory is tight, it doesn’t mean your property will sell in any condition. Buyers will wait for a good home.

The third thing to consider is location. Although, this is something that you can’t change, it may mean you need to price the home differently.

So when selling your home, make sure it’s in good condition and the price is fair. Location is a hard one to change!